Manuel's Dessert Menu


Manuel’s Signature Flan
Vanilla custard with coconut, caramel & blackberries 8

Ice Cream Parfait
House made vanilla bean ice cream layered with your choice of chocolate sauce, strawberry or mango puree 8

Budín de Chocolate
Chocolate bread pudding made with Dutch Callebaut chocolate, challah bread, ground almonds, walnuts and pecans, served with house made vanilla bean ice cream & chocolate sauce 9

Postre de Coco
Tiered buttermilk cake with toasted coconut, pecan caramel sauce & cream cheese frosting 9


 Chocolate Martini
Godiva Chocolate liqueur & Godiva Chocolate vodka 10

Mexican Coffee
Stirrings coffee liqueur, vanilla & cinnamon infused tequila 10

Bacardi gold, Crème de Bananas & light cream 8

Kahlua & Ice Cream 10
Manuel’s French Blend Coffee 3
Zhi Oganic Teas 3