Manuel’s Cuisine

Delicious food begins from deep within—centuries of hand-tooled passion, and the toil of one mother’s hands to another. Mexican cooking was recently recognized by UNESCO, as an Intangible World Heritage Cuisine. As stewards of this type of cooking, Manuel’s honors and shares that legacy. By marrying traditional recipes with modern methods, our kitchens create unique and savory dishes.

Viva la comida!

We prepare our food with love and care using the freshest local, seasonal, and natural ingredients. Our beef, chicken, and pork are all natural. The yellowfin tuna, black drum, and shrimp are “wild caught” from certified sustainable waters in the U.S.A. Our fish is never frozen, and is cut and filleted by hand. All of our salad dressings and fried foods are made with canola and virgin olive oils, and we feature many gluten-free and vegetarian dining options.